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Hi there, how nice that you're taking the time to come and get to know me and my story better!

I'm someone who likes to dream and challenge myself to make it a reality. In the past (oh, and sometimes still) I thought that not everything was possible for me and I moved along with the systemic flow of life. 

Everything that was expected of you at a young age I found very tiring and sometimes quite intense.

I started to wonder more and more why we are living the way that we do. And I began to question myself why it was so difficult for me to have to participate in it.

Jamilla Bazaa - Reiki on the Road

Being intuitive has always been present in me. When I became aware of this, I first saw it as a curse because other people's feelings felt like my own. I had to figure out for myself how to deal with this and how to distinguish my own feelings from those of others.
But also: what to do or not to do with them.

This was quite challenging from time to time. 

In this search, I learned that Yoga, the Lunar Cycle, Reiki, Microdosing, and Breathwork are all (self-care) tools that support me in my personal development, these practices bring me closer to myself and give me peace.

But also Psychotherapy (talking and exploring), Haptotherapy (feeling and experiencing), and EMDR (engaging and distancing) have helped me in my personal development and gaining self-knowledge.

After my first Reiki initiation in 2020, I experienced how powerful this energy works and realized that we can heal ourselves.

I started treating myself in the first period. Feeling, experiencing, and releasing what no longer served me. Then there was a period where out of curiosity, I started exploring what Microdosing (psylocibine) could do for me with two friends. And by chance (or not?) I was treating myself after taking a microdose of truffles. So it all came together. This experience has given me many insights and immediately made me realize that I wanted to share this.

So I sat down in silence to feel what was going on inside me and how I was going to approach this.

During this moment, even more things fell into place: I had been dreaming of having my own van for a long time, but this remained a dream. Until: "Reiki on the road" came into my mind.

I felt that this was the moment to really go for it and follow my intuition!

I started writing down the bus and all its specifications. I did this every month on the New Moon. So I wrote;

¤ The bus is high enough for me to stand in

¤ The bus has a maximum of 250,000 on the odometer

¤ I have the financial means to purchase this bus

¤ I have enough help from others to convert this bus

And after 3 months, she was there! She had 249,000 on the odometer, the money to buy the bus was offered to me as a loan, and help with the purchase and conversion came from an unexpected source! Then a period of construction began and the image in my head became reality.

So you see, manifesting really works when you have the right intention and focus.

In 2022, I started doing the sessions in my van and have already been able to give many beautiful experiences. Next to that I started with my Mooncircles in 2022 to share my ritual with you which I do during the New Moon and Full Moon.
You can read about some experiences the homepage or on my Instagram @Reiki.ontheroad. Read more about on how to work with me below and don't hesitate to ask me anything!

I hope see you soon! Let's do some magic :)


                                             with love,



Jamilla Bazaa - Reiki on the Road
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