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I welcome you,

as a Holistic Mentor I'm here to guide you on your path of self discovery.

I'm here to help you (re)connect to yourself by approaching your being on all holistic aspects. 
How do you feel physically, mentally and emotionally?  

Do you feel overwhelmed by life and that you live on automatic pilot?
You are here now and reading this for a reason.

Let's find out what it is that you need. 


I use different healing modalities during a session like:

energy work


guided meditation


emotional tapping techniques

emotional release techniques


book your free match call through the button below to meet each other and ask me anything! 

session investment:
1 hour 75 euro
1,5 hour 9
0 euro


a 4 week journey 

This is for you when you feel that you want to (re)connect with yourself, when you have a busy life and could use some guidance.
This journey is online so that it may be easier to find the time. 
You will learn easy and practical tools to relax your nervous system, check in with yourself, ground yourself come back to this place of safety and peace within yourself. 

I'm here to take you on this journey of discovery!
Book a FREE  Energetic Match Call through the button if you are curious or have any questions. 

The duration of this transformative program is from 1 to 3 months.

For more information scroll down and book a free call with me. 
I also provide 1 on 1 online mentoring alongside this program but I recommend at least one session per week or two weeks to get into the flow of growth.
I'm looking forward to seeing you soon!

With love,

Holistic Mentoring with Reiki on the Road
Holistic mentoring with Reiki on the Road
Holistic mentoring with Reiki on the Road
Holistic mentor with Reiki on the Road
Holistic mentoring with Reiki on the Road

1 hour 75 euro
1,5 hour 90 euro

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