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Reiki on the Road
Reiki on the Road camper
Mooncircles - Maancirkels
Jamilla with Reiki on the Road
Laying on of hands Reiki - Handoplegging Reiki
Holistic mentoring
Let's begin this journey together.
Holistic Mentoring at Reiki on the Road

Holistic Guidance

as a Holistic Mentor I'm here to guide you on your path of self discovery.

I'm here to help you (re)connect to yourself by approaching your being on all holistic aspects. 
Have a look inside, take that deep dive and learn how to take care of yourself  in a holistic way!

Reiki at Reiki on the Road


Reiki is universal life energy that I transfer to you through hand placements. Reiki stimulates your self-healing abilities. Suppressed emotions can lead to physical inbalances over time like fatigue, insomnia and anxiety. Reiki goes to all areas of your body that require attention at that moment to restore balance.

Cacao Ceremony at Reiki on the Road

Reiki + Cacao

The healing power of cacao works synergistically with Reiki energy.

You drink a cup of cacao just before I begin transmitting the energy. We will do a little ritual and start with feeling into your intention. Cacao opens the heart and helps you to soften, relax and experience what is happening within you during the session in a loving way.

Microdosing at Reiki on the Road

Reiki + Microdose

If you want to have a real "deep dive" experience, you can combine your Reiki session with taking a microdose of truffles.

The psilocybine helps you to connect with yourself on a deeper level, peel away layers, and receive the Reiki energy without judgment.

Experience a holistic healing session at a beautiful location in my van, in my home practice or online in the comfort of your own home! 
Jamilla Bazaa - Reiki on the Road

“The natural healing force in each one of us is the greatest way in healing yourself,
you just have to get in touch with it”



I received a warm welcome and felt very comfortable due to the atmosphere in the space. This allowed me to take the truffles without any tension and enter the Reiki session with openness. During the session, I felt warmth, calmness, health, and confirmation that I am on the right path. I even forgot that I had taken the truffles as it flowed seamlessly with the session. It's difficult to put into words what it did to me in the days following the session. I am very curious about the next session, where I want to bring  more specific intentions into the session!


My Reiki healing with Jamilla took me by suprise. I had no prior experience with any type of one-on-one healing, and hadn't even heard about Reiki before I met Jamilla.
I was curious though so I went ahead into the session with an open mind and with expectations set to a minimum.
Jamilla's presence is very grounding. Her hands feel warm and soft when she starts the Reiki healing. 
I fell into a meditative state as soon as she began. Some troublesome but familiar feelings arose the places she worked on as if they were called upon by the energy in her hands, but the usual quality of heaviness was missing. It was as if all those uncomfortable feelings were now being held afloat by love and warmt. It felt really good not having to carry it all by my own for a change. 
I could just witness, relax and let the tension dissipate througout my body. I felt very calm and mellow afterwards.
This was a very interesting experience to have, and it was genuinely nice to be held like this. I would recommend Jamilla's healing to anyone with an open mind!


Last weekend, I had my first Reiki session with Jamilla at Reiki on the Road. We went on a journey together in her van, which was already quite an experience! The space inside was cozy and beautiful. Jamilla made sure that I felt comfortable right away.

It didn't take long before I could fully surrender to the session. The days after the session, I felt so relaxed and slept very well. It's definitely worth repeating, and I would recommend this experience to anyone.

about the New Mooncircle

Jamilla introduced me to the Moon Circle, Reiki and the Cacao ritual. The circle has given me clarity again in where I want to go and what I would like to pay attention to. I felt very safe and familiar with the other (unknown) participants. Organizing and supervising Moon Circles comes very naturally to Jamilla. She has a great eye for detail and knows how to put everyone at ease with an open, loving attitude. In doing so, she creates space to feel, experience and share. Everything has been worked out down to the last detail, including the guidance leading up to it, during and after. The Reiki that she applied during the meditation provided me with extra depth and warmth. Her good intentions, openness and knowledge create a very pleasant interaction and atmosphere. By coming back to myself, I experience more peace, love and happiness during my daily life. I recommend everyone to attend a circle, especially if you feel very tired and have lost your direction. This actually brings you closer to yourself.
Handoplegging Reiki - Laying on of Hands Reiki

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Bedankt voor de inzending!

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